Wellness Retreat coming to Stucktaymore, Loch Tay

Wellness Retreat coming to Stucktaymore, Loch Tay

Posted on: May 9, 2023

Wellbeing retreats in Scotland

A Travel Matters wellbeing retreat aims to help women improve their mental and physical health through cold water immersion and other activities such as creative writing, hiking and painting, all whilst taking place in a remote & beautiful natural setting, surrounded by other like-minded and supportive women. These experiences are hosted by the likes of qualified open water swimmers, published writers, actors, artists and other professionals.

Why Women?

A report conducted in 2018, by the ‘Office of National Statistics’, found that “men enjoy five hours more leisure time per week than women”. That’s 260 hours a year, or nearly 11 days per annum! So we think women should allow more time for themselves.

Our two retreats in Scotland take place in September & October 2023 at the stunning location of Loch Tay. With luxury accommodation, fine dining and an exquisite location this is a unique opportunity for any woman wanting to invest in some “Me Time”

We base ourselves in our favourite Edwardian Lodge on the banks of Loch Tay. The retreat is four nights and five days. The September retreat is co-lead by Guinness World Record holder for Apnea and Free Diver, Amber Fillary. We will swim & immerse ourselves in Loch Tay. There is invaluable information on safely swimming in cold water and the health benefits therein, followed by breakfast, mindfulness experiences and physical well-being exercises. After lunch, the afternoons are free time. Previous guests have explored the immediate picturesque countryside surrounding the lodge, ancient woodlands, cascading burns and the nearby mythical Waterfalls of Archan, all of which is over-looked by the brooding Ben Lawers mountain range. You are cordially invited to take a step into the great unknown and emerge rejuvenated, creative and powerful!

See the website link here: https://www.travelmatters.co.uk/immersive-cold-water-retreat-in-loch-tay

The second retreat is with our “Plein Air” artist Susanna MacInnes. She will explore different aspects of outdoor painting from the practicalities of painting outside, choosing a composition, capturing light, water and reflections and working in oils.

Where does the cold water fit into all of this? Well, the invigorating exercise of cold water immersion will assist with the flow of creativity and painting. The water unblocks our lack of creativity and just being outside can break that chain of uninventiveness. This in turn unlocks us, and helps us make sense of the world.

See the website link here: https://www.travelmatters.co.uk/loch-tay-wild-swimming-painting

Cost is from £1100 based on three people sharing which includes all meals, unlimited soft drinks, accommodation and all supervised activities.

Reviews from previous guests are as follows:

“I had a great time at Travel Matters’ swimming and creative writing retreat in Scotland. The activities, the group, the accommodation were all fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed myself whilst learning how to swim safely in cold water in the most beautiful surroundings A great success!” (Virginie, 2021)

“It was a truly fabulous few days, a mixture of relaxing, inspiring and a huge amount of fun. The setting is exquisite and the views are beyond incredible. Swimming in Loch Tay with a backdrop of a mountain with a rainbow – it really doesn’t get any better! This place brings happiness to the soul and a realisation that anything is possible. It was the perfect trip and Karen and Doon are welcoming, thoughtful, funny and full of energy. A huge thank you.” (Pip, 2021)

“Travel Matters curated a very well planned and superbly delivered wild swimming and creative break away. Information was sent plenty of time in advance, the accommodation was to a very high standard, and the whole weekend a very restful and restorative experience. Thank you so much!” (Eve, 2021)


For details and to be put in touch with the organiser please email sjr@susanreid.co.uk