An Iconic Home for Tartan

An Iconic Home for Tartan

Posted on: May 10, 2016

An Iconic Home for Tartan….


The Susan Reid Collection provides exclusive access to some of the finest properties throughout Scotland.  From luxury houses, unique venues to stunning castles, she has them all.  Having spent many years delivering luxury hospitality services she is well equipped to know before the client does exactly what their wants, desires and needs are.

So for Prickly Thistle, we think Susan has a real tartan gem in her portfolio that we have to share with you all, and its Candacraig House….

Candacraig’s current owners purchased this property in 2014, and the seller they acquired the property from is a very well known funny Scot, Billy Connolly.  As we all know has a bit of a tartan obsession himself, but first

This property is steeped in history, starting before the actual house as we know it was built.  The Lairdship of Candacraig was officially granted in 1620 to the Anderson family.  The estate remained with the Anderson’s for 10 generations, and only being sold in 1866.  Before is was sold Candacraig House was enlarged in the Scottish Baronial style much of which it retains today.  Skipping onto 1998, Billy Connolly and his wife Pamela Stephenson purchased the property from Anita and Gordon Roddick, the founders of the Bodyshop chain.

As you can imagine, the estate attracted much media attention during Billy’s time of ownership.  Many Hollywood celebrities became regular guests and were always tempted to wear a bit of tartan during their visit.  However the tartan obsession comes into its own when you walk into the formal dining room of Candacraig.  There is not much within that stunning room that is not covered in tartan, walls, roof, floor, even the great banqueting table and chairs.  And before you ask, yes the co-ordination of the tartan designs is in a typical Billy style!  We wonder if he would feel right at home at the Thistle Design Studio….

Today Susan can provide clients with a never to be forgotten experience, with is impressive formal dining room, drawing room, games room, whisky library, 12 stunning individually decorated bedrooms and that does not cover the beautiful grounds that the property sits in.

Guests have full VIP access to the 18 acres of private woodland and manicured lawns.  For supper, guests can roam through the large Victorian walled garden, gathering accompaniments for the meal ahead.  Of course not to forget the private Lochan fed by the River Don where a few trout swim by.

For full details on her property collection  you will not be disappointed!

Blog written for Susan Reid Collection by Clare Campbell, Prickly Thistle