How to attract the leisure market?

How to attract the leisure market?

Posted on: March 19, 2021

How to attract the leisure market to your exclusive use property?   My top 5:

1. familiarise yourself with all there is to do in your area – what would attract the active, the creative, the adventurer, the explorer, the family, the gourmet traveller?

2. consider all modes of transport to get to your property and ease of access. Train, Plane, Self-drive – can you help with transport providers and transfers?

3. build relations with both activity providers, local attractions but also find good guides who can look after your party from start to finish such as Kenneth Hanley and Val Eglinton

4. make sure you have good Chefs to hand should your clients wish full or partial catering to be arranged

5. Be creative and stand out from the crowd by offering extras to your clients – make them feel you know them and have gone the extra mile and catered for all their needs before they know what they are? Fewer questions on arrival mean happier clients.