Celebrating 19 years in business for Susan Reid Collection

Celebrating 19 years in business for Susan Reid Collection

Posted on: November 3, 2022

Turn a negative into a positive and love what you do…….

Today, 3rd November 2022 is exactly 19 years since I launched my business, Susan Reid Collection and what 19 years it has been.

Starting my business in Scotland being one of the first of its kind was daunting at the time, but also very exciting and  I thank those Owners who came with me on the journey and are with me to this very day.

In time my passion lay with exclusive use properties and as such the business now purely specialises in that market in Scotland.  I work directly on behalf on the Owners and Families of my properties carrying out their sales and marketing role which continues to place my offering and business concept in a unique position in Scotland.

From being made redundant from a 5-star hotel in Edinburgh to starting my own business, I have never looked back once.  Over the past years I have known of many tourism colleagues who were made redundant so take my advice and look at the bigger picture and go for your dream job and if that means setting up your own business and going it alone – go for it!

Jump on that swing and enjoy every working day…….