An interview with Sandra Murray MBE

An interview with Sandra Murray MBE

Posted on: July 29, 2016

I was delighted to meet with Sandra Murray MBE  – designer/couturier/artisan as we discuss ways in which to collaborate for guests visiting and staying in my Castle Collection.

Both a privilege and honor to discuss creative and bespoke memorable experiences for our guests, I wanted to find out a little more about Sandra:

  • Question – What led you into the fashion world?
  • Creativity is in your genes and  it evolves like a lifelong journey or a work in progress affair. I was always drawn to hand sewing, lovely fabrics, embroidery and textile related subjects…I love texture and colour…that’s my palette as an artist.  My Dad was a boat builder and my Mum had a knitwear business…so I come from a technical orientated family but with creativity running through its veins.

  • Question – What is your most challenging experience today?
  • For an artist to make money selling their work is a huge challenge….which is why there is a huge failure rate and faced with money troubles . Usually creative people aren’t driven by money, or even good at it, so they need that expertise if they wish a serious business, regardless of scale when they have a micro business.   Having to do a huge amount of travelling is challenging too, takes up a lot of time with living and working in the Highlands, when  your market isn’t largely local. However that’s become my USP in recent years.

  • Question – What is your most proud experience to date?
  • It would have to be my Royal Commission from HM The Queen for the Opening of the Scottish Parliament in 1999, and currently on display at Holyrood Palace as one of her Scottish Inspired garments.

  • Question – How would you suggest a young person get into the fashion world?
  • Work is about networking and making the right contacts. Select which area you want to concentrate on and create your own path to the destination….some things wont go according to plan but then other surprises turn up en-route. All things make sense in hindsight!

  • Who would you most like to see wearing one of your pieces?

I admire Michelle Obama’s sense of style. You see the true essence of someone comfortable  with who she is and always radiant.

I also admire Tilda Swinton’s androgynous style. You may notice, I’m not using the word fashion.


More details on Sandra can be found on her web site