Hotel prices or Exclusive Use?

Hotel prices or Exclusive Use?

Posted on: September 21, 2018

The Susan Reid Collection of properties are all privately owned for which I manage the sales and marketing directly on behalf of the Owners.  So you might say I am more biased towards exclusive use hire properties but I do have experience of this having spent 10 years working in hotels before I set up my own business.

So where lies the benefits and differences – here are my Top 6 –

  1. Hotels – you book a block of rooms but can be a small group in a large hotel OR EXCLUSIVE USE you are the only party and have the property entirely to yourself.
  2. Hotels – you dine in the restaurants or venture outwith the hotel OR EXCLUSIVE USE you can do self catering or we arrange for your own private Chef who can do wonderful delicious dinners from £40.00 per person
  3. Hotels – you drink in the bars at high prices OR EXCLUSIVE USE you can bring your own alcohol at no charge
  4. Hotels – have additional services such as housekeeping OR EXCLUSIVE USE we can arrange as many or as few service staff as you wish
  5. Hotels – have concierge to arrange activities such as golf and tours OR EXCLUSIVE USE we can arrange a full itinerary from transfers, sporting such as golfing and fishing, to evening entertainment – all locally sourced with approved suppliers
  6. Hotels the price!!! OR EXCLUSIVE USE when you split the cost by your number of guests and add the flexibility and competitive catering pricing and bringing your own alcohol – this is always the less expensive option overall.


Prices range for all properties pending the size and time of year.  Contact Susan Reid for further details