Power of video and images

Power of video and images

Posted on: August 11, 2017


This week was an exciting week for me doing my own video for the Susan Reid Collection web site with the expert guidance of Nic Gordon of Mango Multimedia.  The reason for doing the video was to ensure my buyers and clients understood the role I played for my property owners and the services and professional knowledge and expertise I could offer them.

It was both a learning experience and pleasure for me in doing the filming as I am so proud and passionate about my business and wanted clients to see that and also allow clients to build a relationship with the person behind the business.

From a learning point of view I could see the vital need that properties should have good photography and video in which to market their properties. Clients can inquire from all over the World so they need to feel and touch the experience they will be paying for.  On the same day as my filming we had the lovely Tracey Bloxham of Inside Story Photography doing the photo shoot and her images are simply stunning and I will be delighted to show them to my clients.

Property owners may feel this is quite a large investment for video and photography but one well spent and always gives good return on investment.

My video will be coming on line very soon so watch this space!