The language of Scotland isn’t easy….

The language of Scotland isn’t easy….

Posted on: May 15, 2018

Many people pronounce Scone Palace wrong it is actually pronounced Scoon. The Scot’s language is not an easy one…Here’s a guide to words and phrases; have a wee gander….Read more >>

Language aside here are 3 Interesting facts you may not know about Scone Palace:-

1. Originally an ancient gathering place of the Picts and the site of an early Christian church
2. Scone was home to the first Parliament of Scotland
3. Historic crowning place of Scottish kings: Kenneth MacAlpin (said to be the first King of Scots), Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Robert the Bruce are among the 38 monarchs inaugurated at Scone.

Scone Palace is a splendid five star exclusive use accommodation steeped in history. 26 guests can be accommodated for exclusive use. Dinner may be served in the State Dining Room, which seats 12 to 24 persons around the table made for Queen Victoria’s visit, The Long Gallery, where up to 110 persons can be accommodated, or within the Murray Suites, which accommodate 50 guests. It is the perfect historic setting for all your corporate events.

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