An Agent vs Sales Representation

An Agent vs Sales Representation

Posted on: February 14, 2019

Even after 15 years of owning the Susan Reid Collection business, I still find myself assuring agents that their commission is protected when working with me.  Sales and Marketing Representation is more common in other parts of the World and as such there is often confusion as to my role with the properties I market on the Susan Reid Collection Portfolio.

My business model and policy is always to only work on a retainer basis with my properties.  I get approached all the time from Owners wishing to be part of the Collection and pay commission for any business placed but this is not my model nor does it protect my clients i.e. the agent.

The Owners I work with build a relationship with me and understand I have many years of experience and a large client base in which I market only my Collection to.  The client base has taken many years to build, develop and obtain a good level of trust to act on my recommendations for where they should place their enquiries.   This relationship is developed through many sales calls, face to face meetings and presentations all of which take place both National and International.

As such every proposal I offer on a property to an agent protects their commission.  The rate strategy for properties I have put in place with the Owners so this will be the same should they email the property directly or myself at Susan Reid Collection.  The agent can also be assured of my honesty in recommending which property is suitable for their client – or not if that be the case.  My aim is to always match the enquiry with the best property to ensure all expectations are met and often exceeded.

A one stop shot, 24 hour response rate and the most stunning of Scottish properties awaits you at the Susan Reid Collection.