Exclusive Use and Private Rental is the way

Exclusive Use and Private Rental is the way

Posted on: March 27, 2019

Scotland is becoming more and more popular for its exclusive use properties and I am delighted to represent the sales and marketing role on behalf of the Owners of some stunning options such as :

Castle in the Scottish Highlands with 12 bedrooms

Palace in Perthshire with 14 bedrooms

Mansion House in Perthshire with 9 bedrooms

Mansion House on Loch Tay with 13 bedrooms

Estate outside St Andrews with 14 bedrooms 

Mansion House on Loch Lomond with 9 bedrooms

Lodge on Loch Lomond with 6 bedrooms

Castle in Ayrshire with 15 bedrooms

Mansion House in Southern Scotland with 14 bedrooms

So if you are searching for a property for a family vacation, special occasion or corporate retreat – then please email me with the brief and I shall respond on the same day with immediate availability and options for you be it for business of private use.

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