5 quick questions to my property Executive GM

5 quick questions to my property Executive GM

Posted on: December 13, 2016


I am delighted to work with the family who built and own Hawkswood House & The Roundel, two exclusive use properties outside St Andrews.

Working very closely with Mary-Jo part of the family and the Executive General Manager, I put to her some quick fire questions:

Question: What in your mind makes an exclusive use property different from a hotel?

A hotel is a bit like a conveyor belt. With an exclusive use property guests receive a personal touch and their own private space without bumping in to anyone else. You go that extra mile for your guests to make sure that their expectations are exceeded and that they have a wonderful experience.

Question: In your opinion what are some of the best experiences to enjoy when visiting St Andrews/Fife area?

That’s hard because we are very lucky to have some amazing experiences from food to taking a boat to the Isle of May. I would have to say a distillery tour, Scotland is very passionate about their malt, it’s a unique experience.

Question: What dish in Scotland would you say a visitor must try?

It has to be haggis! You can’t come to Scotland and not try it.

Question: What activity in Scotland would you say a visitor must try?

The best activity has to be walking the Fife coastal path and it is free! The path stretches for many many miles but you can do small sections at a time between fishing villages. The scenery is breathtaking, you feel like you are in another world, it’s simply stunning.

Question: What motivates you in this industry?

The feedback from our wonderful guests, not just about our five star accommodation but the love for our country. We get to meet guests from all corners of the globe and they all say what a beautiful country we have. Scotland is an amazing place and we are very blessed to be here.

To view more information on the stunning properties click here https://www.susanreid.co.uk/castles/hawkswood-house-the-roundel.php